Sunday, 8 February 2015


David Bowie / Toy

Genre: rock, classic rock
Country: UK
Year of Publishing: 2001
Audio codec: MP3
Tracks audio bitrate: 256 kbps
Duration: 1:01:58

 01. Uncle Floyd
 02. Afraid
 03. Baby Loves That Way
 04. I Dig Everything
 05. Conversation Piece
 06. Let Me Sleep Beside You
 07. Toy (Your Turn To Drive)
 08. Hole In The Ground
 09. Shadow Man
 10. In The Heat Of The Morning
 11. You've Got a Habit Of Leaving
 12. Silly Boy Blue
 13. Liza Jane
 14. The London Boys

Album (compilation)
Toy - planned for release in 2001. David Bowie album, which included re-recorded old songs as well as material that later appeared on the album "Heathen" and the accompanying b-sides. The official release did not take place.

thebasement67 notes:

During 2000, David Bowie became enthused on a new project of re-recording some of his lesser-known songs, written in the early years of his career. These re-recordings plus three new songs were to appear on a new album titled ‘Toy’ in 2001.
The release failed to materialise because Virgin didn’t own the rights to the older songs. Bowie then formed his own record label ISO, after leaving Virgin at the end of 2001, but failed to release the album, quickly moving on to write and record ‘Heathen’.

The Toy songs: Uncle Floyd (re-recorded and re-titled Slip Away) and Afraid (remixed) appeared on ‘Heathen’ (2002).  Baby Loves That Way, Conversation Piece, Shadow Man (longer with strings), You've Got a Habit Of Leaving (remixed) appeared on the associated CD singles and ‘Heathen’ 2-cd edition.

These versions offered here from the leaked torrent source in 2011, are from an early and unfinished version only available at the moment in this lossy source.

The 2014 compilation ‘Nothing Has Changed’ includes finished versions of Let Me Sleep Beside You, Your Turn To Drive (Toy) and Shadow Man.


  1. Don't try to download from Mega using Chrome. It probably won't work. Try a different browser, like Firefox, for example.

  2. What? MP3? Not lossless? Son, I am dissappoint.

  3. If you want to ask Mr. Bowie himself to release the flacs then we'll all be happy

  4. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I want to say thank you even though these files are lossy. It's still enjoyable to hear. If I could find Mr. Bowie's number, I would most definitely call him.

  6. I'd second that Wilder it would be great to hear the whole thing in best quality.
    Looks unlikely now, Bowie's got plenty in the archives but doesn't seem to keen to release any of his older work, apart from a few tracks on his studio album Anniversary editions.

  7. No downloads?
    This bootleg site is down? No downloads no fun.Sorry for you and us. Every thing is going down today. We are the last of a lost generation. They think they don`t want us and they think they don`t need us. Peace,brothers, peace! Or did I mean FIGHT?